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Party policy commitments

Despite hundreds of emails to election candidates in every electorate across Australia, and thousands of petition signatures, there is still no commitment from any party to end the aged care lottery and abolish caps on aged care services. This is what each of the three major parties have committed to this election:



  • Continue commitment to home care package funding following the consumer from February 2017 and development of a single care at home system from July 2018
  • Stated that the Aged Care Sector Committee’s Roadmap for Reform will guide future aged care reforms
  • Will seek to make the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) claiming more transparent and provide greater financial certainty, by working with providers to develop an independent process for the funding assessment
  • $11.4M assistance for people living with dementia, including $7.5M to establish Specialist Dementia Care Units. This is on top of the $54.5M over the next four years for Severe Behaviour Response Teams
  • $15M investment in protecting the rights of older Australians, including developing a national elder abuse hotline and a study into the prevalence of elder abuse to better understand the problem
  • Commitment to supporting the industry develop its own workforce strategy
  • The Turnbull Government’s 2016/17 Budget will increase overall aged care spend by $17.8 billion, up 7.7 percent on last year
  • Continue budget commitment for an additional $102.3M (over four years) to aged care services in rural and remote Australia
  • Continue budget commitment for an additional $137M to help ‘My Aged Care’ Gateway keep Australians informed about their aged care options
  • Continue budget commitment for $52M (over three years) to improve Palliative Care services, including enhancing My Health Record to include advance care planning documents

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  • Support the independent review of aged care reforms required by legislation. The ALP has stated their review will consider will consider what further steps can be taken to move towards a consumer entitlement model and will include funding models including ACFI
  • Will address ongoing problems in the My Aged Care gateway to ensure older Australians have access to appropriate, timely and easily accessible information
  • Will appoint a Minister for Ageing and will develop a national strategy for longevity and ageing
  • Will develop an aged care workforce strategy to meet the challenges of increasing need for aged care, as well as career progression and conditions
  • Will develop an Active Ageing Fund to provide support to communities for innovative projects that enable older Australians to age well in their own communities, at home and at work
  • Will invest $35M in new models of palliative care, include $21.7M Palliative Care at Home Packages
  • Will invest $25M to help make Australia a dementia-friendly nation, including developing a National Dementia Strategy

http://www.100positivepolicies.org.au/an_age_friendly_nation; http://www.100positivepolicies.org.au/a_national_dementia_strategy; http://www.100positivepolicies.org.au/supporting_australians_to_die_well; http://www.shayneneumann.com.au/speeches.php?id=100;


  • Oppose $1.6B cuts to residential aged care funding (ACFI)
  • Will develop a plan for full consumer directed care
  • Will develop a national aged care workforce strategy
  • Will provide $132.8m in additional funding and support for dementia, including development of national dementia strategy
  • Will provide $76m in additional funding for palliative care, including $10 million for a national awareness campaign