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Sign the petition to end the aged care lottery

Getting aged care services in Australia today is a game of chance. Too many older Australians simply can’t get the quality care they need, when and where they need it.

That’s because our aged care system is not based on need and choice. It’s not ok that we have old and frail Australians waiting three months and longer for care, and sometimes then stuck in care that’s not up to scratch.

Sign the petition and join the campaign to ensure all Australians age well.

To the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Leader of the Greens

We, the undersigned, ask all political parties to:

  • Introduce Consumer Choice into Residential Aged Care by giving consumers the right to choose where their residential care funding will be allocated, and to move it if they are not happy – just as they will be able to in Home Care from February 2017.
  • Ensure all Australians can get the care where they need, when they need by committing to a timetable for when Government will uncap supply by ending the arbitrary and unfair aged care ratios.
  • Co-design the future with the aged care sector by Government and the aged care sector working together to identify the financial and other risks associated with the suite of reforms proposed, including the 2016/17 budget ACFI adjustment, and how to manage these.
  • Commitment to an independent ‘Cost of Care’ study so we can make better, informed decisions about how we fund aged care into the future.
  • Adopt the National Aged Care Alliance’s Election Positions on how to improve the aged care sector – http://agewellcampaign.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/NACA_Blueprint_Election_Campaign_2016.pdf

Sign the petition to end the aged care lottery

Add your name and call for better care for older people when they need it.