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What is the problem in aged care today?

All Australians Deserve to age well.

However today, the system we have means an older person may be assessed as needing a certain level of care but that care might not be available. You have to wait.

That’s because the Government only funds 112 services for every 1000 Australians over 70 years.

Some people never get any of the care they need because the waiting list is too long. Others can only get a small portion of the care they need – even though the government said they need it.

This is a huge problem – putting stress on partners and families to fill the gaps or older people going without. This might mean they go without showers, without transport or without help in the home. Or the chance to stay connected to their friends and community.

You can read some of the stories of people struggling here.

Another key issue is where you get your care. Most Australians report they would rather age in their homes than move from what they know into a residential care facility.

But much of the money spent on aged care goes to supporting people living in residential care. If the same amount of funds were available to support people living in their homes, many older Australians may not have the upheaval of moving into residential aged care.

There’s no denying successive governments have made great strides towards improving aged care in the past few years, but there are many steps still remaining.

That’s why it asked the Aged Care Sector Committee to develop the Aged Care Roadmap. The Roadmap shows the Government where aged care should end up over the next five years.

The Government did not respond to the Roadmap with concrete actions in the recent Federal Budget. Nor has the Opposition made specific commitments to implement its proposals. So the Age Well campaign is calling on all political parties to commit to a path that delivers quality aged care for older Australians when they need it.

With the population ageing, there needs to be a commitment in place now, to support older people now and in the future.

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