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End the Aged Care Lottery (2013)

Age Well campaign hits Canberra (March 2012)

Denise’s story (April 2012)

High profile comedian and personality Denise Scott’s mother was diagnosed with dementia around eight years ago. So started was she calls a “nightmarish journey” for her and her family in their quest to find the right care for her mum. This is her story.

Max and Stephen’s story (Feb 2012)

Stephen has been a full time carer for his father Max for around 18 months. Max suffers from short-term memory loss which can make him believe he has eaten, taken medication and showered when he has not. This presents a huge challenge for Stephen to maintain Max’s health and well being. Stephen has been trying to access services to support him to keep caring for Max at home. A number of care packages have been approved for Max but waiting lists are up to 18 months.

Terri and Anna’s story (Feb 2012)

Terri and Anna work in aged care with more than forty year experience between them. Over the years their workloads have increased and they no longer have as much time to support residents when they need it. They fear for the future of aged care as they watch the workforce dwindle due to poor pay and conditions.

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