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All Australians deserve to age well and with dignity, whether they choose to be at home or in residential aged care.

Australia’s population is ageing, presenting a number of challenges and opportunities for our aged care system.

  • Right now, more than 125,000 older Australians are waiting for home care.
  • People are being left behind because of a system that’s just too complicated and difficult to understand.
  • And our aged care sector is struggling to build the workforce we need to provide the care older Australians deserve.

There is more pressure on our growing aged care system than ever before, and as our population continues to age demand on the system will only continue to grow.

Since the Australian Deserves to Age Well campaign launched in 2012, there has been a number of changes made to the system that will help.

But there is much more that still needs to be done to make sure older Australians get the care and services they need, when and where they need them.

In the 2019 Federal Election we  are calling on all candidates to commit to getting aged care right for everyone.

Who we are

The Australians Deserve to Age Well campaign is run by the National Aged Care Alliance (NACA) – a coalition of 51 aged care consumer advocates, service providers, professionals and unions to reform Australia’s aged care system and make sure all Australians can age well.

Campaign history


The then 25 members of the National Aged Care Alliance (NACA) joined forces to come up with a vision statement on how to improve Australia’s aged care system. NACA  campaigned for this vision and gained a Productivity Commission Inquiry into aged care.


The Productivity Commission had explored the issues and delivered to Government the Caring for Older Australians report which set out a clear and definitive way forward for reform.


the Australians Deserve to Age Well Campaign was launched by the then 28 members of the Alliance. A Blueprint for reform was presented in Parliament House to the then ALP Minister, the Coalition Shadow Minister, and the Australian Greens spokesperson.

Later in 2012 dozens of Age Well supporters descended on Parliament House, rallying on the front lawn and visiting Question Time to remind the Government of the need to take action for aged care in the 2012 budget.

We did get major aged care reform in the 2012 Federal Budget, with the Living Longer Living Better (LLLB) package launched by the Prime Minister and Minister just a week before the budget itself. The LLB package went a long way toward the productivity Commission and Blueprint reforms; but not all the way.


Age Well hosted a breakfast with Parliamentarians encouraging them to continue the aged care reforms by ending the aged care lottery.


The current Government announced significant new reforms in its May Budget which start in February 2017 with consumers being given control of Home Care Packages and being able to decide who will provide them. In June the National Aged Care Alliance updated the NACA Blueprint Series to outline the industry’s view of the reforms needed in aged care. The government also endorsed the Statement of Principles developed by the Aged Care Sector Committee and asked it to develop a Roadmap to complete the reform process, especially in residential aged care.


The Australians deserve to Age Well Campaign and the National Aged Care Alliance released its 2016 Federal Election Position Statement calling for commitments by the various political parties contesting the 2016 Federal Election.  The platform discussed a number of positions across the 14 areas of the Aged Care Blueprint.


Government announced the independent Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce led by Professor John Pollaers, which was tasked with developing a strategy for growing and sustaining that workforce that provides aged care services and support for older people, to meet their care needs in a variety of settings across Australia.

2018 – 2019

The Federal Government announced more investment in home care packages as part of their broader More Choices for a Longer Life Budget Package.The package involved a restructure of the aged care program funding which enabled unused funds from the residential aged care program to be retained and utilised for home care packages.

We have already made great strides in the last decade that will put us in good stead for future policy reform to the sector.

However, we need to do much more to build an aged care system that can service the needs of older Australians and their families now, and as our population continues to grow.

That’s why we are re-launching our Australians Deserve to Age Well campaign to call on all candidates in the upcoming Federal election to commit to getting aged care right for everyone.

Getting aged care right for everyone

Add your name and call for better care for older people when they need it.