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Aged Care Reform Policy Documents

NACA 2019 Federal Election Position Statement

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NACA: Blueprint Series 2 (2015)

This paper responds to the Australian Government’s desire to look at further reform and the Aged Care Sector Statement of Principles which was developed to guide future reform. It sets out our vision, the objectives we think need to be met to fulfil the vision, and the steps that stakeholders, particularly governments, can take to create a stronger aged care future for all.

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NACA: Blueprint Series 1 (2012)

The Alliance has developed this Blueprint which outlines how the major reforms needed can begin in a responsible way as part of the 2012 Federal Budget.

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NACA: Blueprint Series 2 (2015)

Our Vision for Support and Care of Older Australians

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ACSC: Aged Care Roadmap (2016)

In April 2015, the Aged Care Sector Committee was tasked by the former Assistant Minister for Social Services, Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield, to develop a roadmap to advise on future directions for aged care.

This Aged Care Roadmap presents the Aged Care Sector Committee’s views on the short, medium and long-term actions required to transform the current aged care system into a sustainable, consumer-driven and market-based system.

The Roadmap is intended to generate discussion across the aged care sector and government regarding future reforms to aged care. To support this, the Committee has recently developed this public version of the Roadmap which presents the Committee’s advice in a way that is more accessible for all stakeholders.

View Roadmap here: https://www.dss.gov.au/ageing-and-aged-care/aged-care-reform/aged-care-roadmap

ACSC: Aged Care Sector Statement of Principles (2015)

Over the last year, the Committee has worked closely with the Australian Government to develop a set of principles which will guide future changes in the aged care system and embed a constructive and lasting partnership between consumers, providers, the aged care workforce and the Government.

The Aged Care Sector Statement of Principles (the principles) comprises an overarching Statement of Purpose, an Approach to Partnership and Explanatory Statements for the individual principles.

View statement of principles here: https://www.dss.gov.au/ageing-and-aged-care/aged-care-reform/aged-care-sector-committee/aged-care-sector-statement-of-principles

Productivity Commission: Caring for Older Australians (2011)

In undertaking the inquiry, the Commission had developed options for further structural reform of the aged care system so it can meet the challenges facing it in coming decades. In particular, the Commission had:

  • examined the social, clinical and institutional aspects of aged care in Australia, building on the substantial base of existing reviews into this sector
  • addressed the interests of special needs groups
  • developed regulatory and funding options for residential and community aged care (including the Home and Community Care program)
  • examined the future workforce requirements of the aged care sector
  • recommended a path for transitioning from the current regulatory arrangements to a new system that ensures continuity of care and allows the sector time to adjust
  • examined whether the regulation of retirement specific living options should be aligned more closely with the rest of the aged care sector
  • assessed the fiscal implications of any change in aged care roles and responsibilities.
  • In the course of the inquiry, the Commission consulted widely with older Australians, their carers, aged care providers, government agencies and other interested parties.

View the PC report here: http://www.pc.gov.au/inquiries/completed/aged-care

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