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Getting aged care right for everyone

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All Australians deserve to age well and with dignity.

With our population ageing, pressure on our aged care system is only going to grow – unless we get it right now. We need to build an aged care system that can service the needs of older Australians and their families now and into the future.

That’s why, we’re calling on our political leaders to commit to ensuring equity of access to aged care for all older Australians and to growing the aged care workforce.

Will you sign the petition and ask for a better aged care system?

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To Minister for Aged Care, Hon Ken Wyatt AM and the Shadow Minister for Ageing, Hon Julie Collins MP

All Australians deserve to age well and with dignity, whether they choose to be at home or in residential aged care.

Australia’s population is ageing, presenting a number of challenges and opportunities for our aged care system.

Right now, more than 120,000 older Australians are waiting for home care.

People are being left behind because of a system that’s just too complicated and difficult to understand.

And our aged care sector is struggling to build the workforce we need to provide the care older Australians deserve.

There is more pressure on our growing aged care system than ever before, and as our population continues to age demand on the system will only continue to grow.

We need your help to build an aged care system that can service the needs of older Australians and their families now and into the future.

Please support our plan to get the aged care system right for everyone:

  • Increase funding for home care so that all Australians waiting for care receive it when they are assessed as needing it, and at the right level to match their needs
  • Introduce a consistent flexible funding model that supports older Australians to improve their health and wellbeing, regardless of whether care is delivered in a home, community or residential care setting
  • Ensure all vulnerable older Australians (for example those living in rural or remote locations, older Australians with a disability, those where English is a second or subsequent language and those who may have other diverse life experiences) receive the same outcomes as other Australians, by providing them with additional support and funds where necessary
  • Simplify the aged care system so it is easier for consumers to understand, and provide more help navigating the system for people who need it
  • Introduce government policies and funding to ensure more staff and an appropriate skills mix that delivers holistic quality care for older Australians
  • Ensure improved and ongoing training appropriate to the skills that staff need to fulfil their job
  • Invest in staff with the right values to retain a quality workforce
  • Expand in-reach health services so that aged care residents have the same access to health services as anyone living in the community (including allied health)

All older people deserve access to the highest quality of care when they need and where they need it, regardless of who they are, where they live or their circumstances. This means ensuring we create the right jobs and numbers of staff in aged care.

We’re counting on you to get aged care right for all older Australians accessing aged care and people working in the sector, now and for generations to come.

Getting aged care right for everyone

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