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Aged care reforms so far 

We have already made great strides in the last decade that will put us in good stead for future policy reform to the sector.

The National Aged Care Alliance’s Australians Deserve to Age Well campaign has been instrumental in putting aged care on the agenda and soliciting commitments from the various political parties on how they will address the aged care needs of older Australians.

In the weeks prior to the 2012 Federal Budget, the Government announced the Living Longer Living Better package which provided a ten-year strategy to build a better, fairer, more accessible and sustainable aged care system.

Further progress was achieved in 2015 when the Government announced significant new reforms in its May Budget with consumers being given better control of Home Care Packages and being able to decide who will provide them.

In 2018 – 2019, the Federal Government announced more investment in home care packages as part of their broader More Choices for a Longer Life Budget Package.

The package involved a restructure of the aged care program funding which enabled unused funds from the residential aged care program to be retained and utilised for home care packages.

We need to build on the momentum to date if Australia is to have an aged care system that can service the needs of older Australians and their families now, and as our aged population continues to grow.

Getting aged care right for everyone

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