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Did you know where to start looking for age care advice? Have you found it hard to get services to support you to live at home or residential care near loved ones? Are you a worker in the aged care sector?

Help show that urgent aged care reform is needed by sharing your story today.

Carmelina – Hectorville, SA

We tried to get care for dad so that he could remain living a home. The Government assessed him as requiring level 4 care in October last year. We were only told a level 4 package was available on May this year by which time dad had been hospitalised and subsequently passed away.

I guess the Government has saved money by its procrastinating. … Read more

Ann – Sutherland, NSW

I work in aged care, the elderly don’t get the proper care because their is not enough staff, or funding, and to expensive for the elderly, to go to a aged care facility, not enough RN S ,there should be more staff on night shift as things can happen at night, aged care is going down hill, it’s not fair for the elderly.… Read more

Jane – Albany, WA

My partner has dementia, diagnosed in 2010. He also has poor mobility and balance and had a bad fall earlier this year.
We have had his name on a list for residential care for 12 months. I am getting to the point of wondering how much longer I can cope.… Read more

Debbie – Yarrawonga, VIC

I assist with the YarraMul Carers Support group at Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House.

The frustration and confusion I see prompted me to start researching changes to Home Care Packages and My Aged Care. I understand the system needs to change, but there never seems to be any consideration for the people who have to try and live their day to day lives while navigating their way through these changes.… Read more

Mel – Adelaide SA

Hi there, I have been working this industry for 15 yrs now & it’s only getting worse. Nursing homes only want very high care residents who get more funding from the government than low care residents.

The staff to resident ration stays the same regardless of what level of care. As an agency carer who works in many aged care facilities I find most are very understaffed & residents are not getting the level care that they are entitled to as human beings.… Read more

Dominica – Liverpool, NSW

Dad was in hospital for eight months. He was shifted from Liverpool to Fairfield, Liverpool to Fairfield, back and forth. I do shift work but I still had to take Mum to see him, there was no other way of her getting there.

It was very hard but we were coping. Towards of the end of that time we had to decide where he was going to go next.Read more

Ruth – Blairgowrie, VIC

Ten years ago, my 90 year old mother was in an aged care facility. She had been there for 14 years, first living independently in an apartment, then in hostel accommodation. This facility also had a nursing home section. When she fell and broke her wrist, she was admitted to a private hospital and when she was well enough to leave, the management of her aged care facility said that, as she now had a degree of dementia, they would not take her back, and that their nursing home had no vacancies.… Read more

Claire – Everton Park, QLD

People think the answer is for aged persons to remain in their own homes but the level of assistance available is not great and they end up being particularly vulnerable especially if they have no close relatives to assist them – they are lonely, forget to eat, become even more frail etc.

If only good aged care was more accessible, more available, and not costing an arm and a leg! … Read more

Anne – Maroubra, NSW

Mum is 85, I am her full time carer. Mum has moderate/advanced dementia, has very limited mobility and is incontinent.

After nearly two years of putting my life on hold, I realise that I really need a break. I rang around every high care aged facility I could find in an attempt to book a place for her for 2 months only to find that I cannot pre-book and have to call back closer to when I want to leave and hope that a place becomes available.… Read more

Gail – Devonport, TAS

I have experienced the difficulties and indignities of aged care with both my parents and my in- laws and am concerned about the lack of choice that may be available to us as we age. I also worry for my children who do not live locally and would worry and be burdened by our situation.

Like most of my friends we have always been independent.… Read more


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