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Mel – Adelaide SA

Hi there, I have been working this industry for 15 yrs now & it’s only getting worse. Nursing homes only want very high care residents who get more funding from the government than low care residents.

The staff to resident ration stays the same regardless of what level of care. As an agency carer who works in many aged care facilities I find most are very understaffed & residents are not getting the level care that they are entitled to as human beings.

For instance, I have had residents begging & crying to go to the toilet but I can’t take them because the resident requires a lifting machine that requires 2 people to operate it & my partner is too busy attending another resident because there are only 3 workers looking after 32 residents, & we have to get everybody up before lunch.

It is easier & preferable if the resident soils themselves because it is quicker to clean up than using a lifting machine. I am sorry, but these are the cold hard facts. I could go on & on. The industry is grossly understaffed. Excellent, loving & caring workers are leaving the industry in droves due to the heavy, overwhelming workload.

I see more & more overseas students studying IT & engineering doing temporary aged care work just to get them through university until they get their degrees. Is this the future of aged care?

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