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Carmelina – Hectorville, SA

We tried to get care for dad so that he could remain living a home. The Government assessed him as requiring level 4 care in October last year. We were only told a level 4 package was available on May this year by which time dad had been hospitalised and subsequently passed away.

I guess the Government has saved money by its procrastinating. I was shocked by the inhumane system our senior citizens face. How can we as a society live with ourselves when our most vulnerable are not provided with the means to live in their own home with dignity?

Make the Government stand up and take attention this election year. Tell them enough is enough and that our senior citizens shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to access the care they so desperately need.

My dad has been shunted around by both the aged care and health care systems to and incredible degree. The discrimination when someone is diagnosed as having dementia is terrible. Dad was denied the level of home care to which he was assessed as entitled for 7 months during which mum was at her wits end trying to care for him. When he was admitted in to one of the “better” private hospitals after having paid private health insurance for most of his life, he was left to dehydrate in hospital to the point where it cost him is life – all because the treating doctor could not see to it that dad had the proper care he deserved. What a disgrace. No dignity and it cost me a beautiful and loving father who I might have had for a few more years – shame on the hospital system and shame on the doctor for their negligence. I would never wish some cruelty on my worst enemies.

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