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Claudia – Bellbowrie, QLD

Hello, I work since 20 years in different areas of aged care and love what I am doing very much. BUT… every time I believe it can’t get worse it still does. I work in a very good nursing home as the activity officer and I am torn between my love for the residents and the not manageble workload. So much time and money goes into paperwork and making the goverment happy, that the time for residents is so limited. All this horror stories about the bad staff makes me so upset, because 99% of staff work their hardest to give the residents good care and quality in life, but because of cut backs in staff and older residents(more high care residents) in facilities it gets more and more task orientated. Frustration and physical tiredness don’t help. I know I work in one of the better nursing homes, but it doesn’t mean it is good.

One big frustration and also fear of mine is the low pay and what will happen with my future, when I reley on superanuation. Most of the aged care workers are physically and mentally not able to work to 65 as a full time staff. I wish all these people making these wise decisions and think they know what residents in facilites or home care need end up in a nursing home with lose of speech for only a week and get the treatment everyone else gets.

I love working in aged care and know how much I get out of it on a personal level, but I also know how tired I am on some days and it is just overwhelming.

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