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Dawn – Devonport, TAS

I have had many experiences trying to access Aged Care help in numerous ways over the last 15 plus years and have come to the conclusion that not a lot of change has been made regarding understanding the “System”.

The answer to a lot of problems seems  to be “well you should have done  —-”

My main concern at the moment is that the idea of keeping people in their own homes for as long as possible is fine in theory but practical night time care (which is my main concern) is not there and is a very important safety issue let a lone nursing incontinent patients.

Respite for carers needs to be more or less immediate impractical no doubt but necessary.

I do not know how elderly people with illness ,and disabilty be it physical or mental and cope with the minefield of paper work.

Having just recently had a family member enter full time care I certainly know all about this

Sorry but I don’t think much has changed in 15 + years.

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