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Debbie – Yarrawonga, VIC

I assist with the YarraMul Carers Support group at Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House.

The frustration and confusion I see prompted me to start researching changes to Home Care Packages and My Aged Care. I understand the system needs to change, but there never seems to be any consideration for the people who have to try and live their day to day lives while navigating their way through these changes. Another thing is that Service Providers are also trying to navigate their way through the changes and many lack the empathy or understanding for the challenges their clients face.

My Aged Care – the one stop shop for all the information you need – what a joke!!!! I regard myself as pretty tech savvy, but this website is complicated, so spare a thought for the elderly who cannot use technology. I have done searches through this website for service providers that will be available to residents in Yarrawonga and Mulwala. My Aged Care lists providers that are “NEAR” these areas.

It has taken me considerable time to contact the 28 matches for Mulwala. Most of these providers have never even heard of Mulwala, let alone service the area. So far, out of the 28, 3 organisations have said they will come to Mulwala. I haven’t even started on the 68 matches for Yarrawonga.

Where does the government think people in need of these services have the time to be calling organisations that have never even heard of their town. If this system is to be effective then My Aged Care should list the service providers that actually provide services to these communities. Waiting lists are so long after an assessment that choice is not there.

Clients feel pressured into accepting the provider that picks up their package for fear of having to wait again. Some service providers are still telling clients what they can have rather than trying to assist clients and their carers to get what they want and need.

I have arranged for Elder Rights Advocacy to meet with our Carers group in June to address these and many other issues they are facing with this system.

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