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Dominica – Liverpool, NSW


Dad was in hospital for eight months. He was shifted from Liverpool to Fairfield, Liverpool to Fairfield, back and forth. I do shift work but I still had to take Mum to see him, there was no other way of her getting there.

It was very hard but we were coping. Towards of the end of that time we had to decide where he was going to go next. They said it would be lucky if he would last through Christmas and New Year.  Now it’s May.

We thought about it and we thought he’s really not at the stage of a nursing home mentally, he is all there its just there are things he can’t do himself like the bathing. He’s not mentally sick he just needs some care. They said they’ll give us all the care you can possibly get to keep him at home.

I don’t have any brothers or sisters that I can rely on to help me. Mum and Dad don’t speak English. I have to do all the organising.

Dad came out of hospital at Christmas. He wasn’t given an aged care package until six weeks ago. He was assessed when he was still in hospital but we had to wait that long.. He qualifies for a level 4 package but there is none available. He’s currently on a level 2.

It’s been a nightmare to organise people to come and help. Dad went without a shower for nine days. There was nothing available. Dad worked hard his whole life and paid his taxes. I am so disappointed that we live in a community where he had to go for nine days without bathing.

There were lots of problems and mistakes. He wasn’t in the system, oh you’ve got to get a number, call this person call that person, ring up another company. Every time I rang one person to get for help they’d say I had to speak to someone else. I was given the run around the whole time.

If we did have the level 4 as he should have, we’d be able to organise a day or two a week where Mum could go and do some shopping or Dad would be able to go outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Instead he is stuck inside all the time and Mum isn’t sleeping at all. Nothing is happening. We are still waiting. No one rang me, no one came to organising anything.

It’s all so hard. It’s obviously even worse for him but it’s so hard on the entire family. Especially Mum.

Thankfully, the people who are providing Dad’s level 2 package are absolutely fantastic.


My message to politicians is that they need to look and see what people are going through. We are being punished along the way. My father is suffering. He’s getting the raw end of the deal. Stuck inside, can’t do anything.

He’s entitled to level 4 that would give him hours of care he needs. They said he should get it but he hasn’t got it. To me, don’t qualify someone if you haven’t got the goods. I’m sure there are a lot of other people out there in the same situation. It’s not good enough.

Dad made Christmas. He made New Year. He made his birthday and now he’s telling me he will make his anniversary. 50 years with Mum.

It’s a miracle that he wakes up and he is still with us. But his time here should be so much easier than this.

This situation comes around for everyone. Everyone should care about this.

It just makes you think, there are a lot of things out there that the government could do to help, maybe they are just thinking about themselves.

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