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Gwyneth – Mount Helena, WA

I belong to a local community group which, like so many organisations, seems to have very few members under fifty.

Most of us have come up against the almost insurmountable problem of finding care for relatives or spouses, particularly when they have reached a stage in life when high care is needed. Heartbreaking stories are shared; no one has a happy ending to tell.

Several are facing the even more difficult task of accessing support or accommodation for spouses suffering from dementia. The first problem is just finding a bed. To find a place within the community is almost impossible.

Our members are educated, articulate people. How do those less confident get help?

We are trying to find out just who to lobby, how to bring about changes that will allow old people to live with dignity until  the end within their own community.

The general concensus is “I will only leave my home feet first, ” but too often others will  make that decisions for us.

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