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Did you know where to start looking for age care advice? Have you found it hard to get services to support you to live at home or residential care near loved ones? Are you a worker in the aged care sector?

Help show that urgent aged care reform is needed by sharing your story today.

Sue – Bellara, QLD

I have a mother who has dementia and kidney failure and has had a heart attack and a mild stoke.

I have had so much trouble trying to figure out the right package for her – it is so confusing with so many places to go and get information.

Applying for all the services is so confusing.… Read more

Colleen – Second Valley, SA

I worked in an aged care facility for a number of years and now work within the community assisting the elderly and disabled to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

While working in the nursing home I found there was never enough hours in our shifts to allow us to actually spend time with the residents… Read more

John – Riverton, WA

There is no doubt the Government needs to be accountable and responsible for continuing aged care reform along the lines set out prior to the budget. Above all the government has to commit to the funding it has outlined (and more in subsequent years) as well as implement well thought out policies if aged care is to continue to improve and older Australians don’t have to live in fear about coping as they get older.… Read more

Claudia – Bellbowrie, QLD

Hello, I work since 20 years in different areas of aged care and love what I am doing very much. BUT… every time I believe it can’t get worse it still does. I work in a very good nursing home as the activity officer and I am torn between my love for the residents and the not manageble workload.… Read more

Colin – Noble Park, VIC

1/  I believe that people who work after the retirement age should be able to earn more without affecting the pension.

2/ Non aged pensioners should be encouraged to live in Retirement Villages, which would benefit the younger person and the retiree by having a more communal setting.… Read more

Natalie – West Hobart, TAS

My mum, Camille, was diagnosed with early-onset dementia at the age of 60.  When my father passed away suddenly in January 2010 life was turned upside down.  Although we knew she was slowly losing mental & physical capabilities the reality of it all hit when she come to live with my husband & I & our then 6yr old son. … Read more

Gwyneth – Mount Helena, WA

I belong to a local community group which, like so many organisations, seems to have very few members under fifty.

Most of us have come up against the almost insurmountable problem of finding care for relatives or spouses, particularly when they have reached a stage in life when high care is needed. Heartbreaking stories are shared; no one has a happy ending to tell.… Read more

Dawn – Devonport, TAS

I have had many experiences trying to access Aged Care help in numerous ways over the last 15 plus years and have come to the conclusion that not a lot of change has been made regarding understanding the “System”.

The answer to a lot of problems seems  to be “well you should have done  —-”

My main concern at the moment is that the idea of keeping people in their own homes for as long as possible is fine in theory but practical night time care (which is my main concern) is not there and is a very important safety issue let a lone nursing incontinent patients.… Read more

Brenda – Huntfield Heights, SA

I have worked in aged care for at least 20 years as a careworker. I love my job.

About my Mum: She had Alzheimer’s among other things. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was to find a placement for her. My family and I were lost in the paperwork!  In the end, the decision was taken away from my family when Mum had an accident and ended up needing an urgent high care placement.… Read more

Paul – Stirling, WA

Not accidentally, I haven’t had much to do with aged care facilities and ‘really old’ people for most of my life. Inscribed associations from my early childhood – of grandparents and great aunts kept away, in pleasantly horrible ‘homes’ that felt nothing like one. Artificial legs propped against walls, tired wheelchairs squeaking across stained lino, smells, old-people smells, disenfectant smells, bland food smells.… Read more


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