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Did you know where to start looking for age care advice? Have you found it hard to get services to support you to live at home or residential care near loved ones? Are you a worker in the aged care sector?

Help show that urgent aged care reform is needed by sharing your story today.

Tracey – Chandler, QLD

My father suffered from Parkinsons for approx 50 years of age, so he was on a disability pension and didn’t have any money and lived in a council flat in Leyburn (middle of nowhere) as rent was only $60/week. When he was 69 he couldn’t urinate and was in strife, someone took him to a local doctor in Clifton and sent him home “nothing wrong with him apparently”, ended up at the closest Hospital in Millmerran and we found out he had prostate cancer, they inserted a cathetheter and advised they couldn’t keep him in hospital and sent him to the nursing home in Millmerran as a respite patient.… Read more

Rod – Hobart

Are you entitled to aged care?

Imagine if you had reached the age at which you qualify for the Australian aged pension and you went into Centrelink and were told “I’m sorry, but you miss out because only 116 people out of every 1000 people of pension age actually get a pension. All the pensions for this area are taken at the moment and you will have to wait until there is a vacancy.”… Read more

Denise’s story

High profile comedian and personality Denise Scott’s mother was diagnosed with dementia around eight years ago. So started was she calls a “nightmarish journey” for her and her family in their quest to find the right care for her mum. This is her story.… Read more


You deserve to age well: share your story

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