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Tracey – Chandler, QLD

My father suffered from Parkinsons for approx 50 years of age, so he was on a disability pension and didn’t have any money and lived in a council flat in Leyburn (middle of nowhere) as rent was only $60/week. When he was 69 he couldn’t urinate and was in strife, someone took him to a local doctor in Clifton and sent him home “nothing wrong with him apparently”, ended up at the closest Hospital in Millmerran and we found out he had prostate cancer, they inserted a cathetheter and advised they couldn’t keep him in hospital and sent him to the nursing home in Millmerran as a respite patient.

No one was able to assist with his problem of not being able to urinate for over 3 months, so I was able to convince my husband’s doctor to do the surgery (my husband got prostate cancer at the same time) under medicare. Was able to find my father accommodation at Blue Care in Maleny.

They put dad’s assets as 90,000 when all he has is a 1acre block of land in the Leyburn that I can’t sell and therefore had to pay bond approx $30,000 which was on top of his daily care fees from his pension. As dad had no money I paid the deposit, they then threatened me with court action, advising that’s no how the system works, we had to keep paying the bond fees. I told them they do that and there is NO money, so they decided to keep my money and stopped charging the bond fee.

They then said that because of his dementia they had to move him to Dicky Beach as his dementia was quite bad and he was being inappropriate, and the dementia ward was full in Maleny. Dad passed away in April and they cant’by law give me my bond money back, saying it had to go to Dad’s estate, and only after a “letter of probate” was issued from the supreme court. This would cost more than the amount of the bond I paid. No idea what is happening now.

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